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Life-Changing Technology: How Neurolens is Improving People’s Lives

If you’re experiencing headaches, dizziness, or eye strain after extended periods of screen time or reading, then you may be suffering from a visual condition called binocular vision dysfunction (BVD).

This visual condition impacts millions of people globally and can make daily tasks challenging.

At Glens Falls Vision Care, we’re proud to be the first in Queensbury to offer the latest neuro-optometric technology, Neurolens, which helps alleviate symptoms of BVD.

Book a neuro-optometric assessment to learn more about Neurolens.

What is BVD?

Each of the eyes collects visual information separately and transmits the information to the brain, which combines them into a single image. The communication between the eyes and brain is ongoing, as long as you’re awake and your eyes are open. This process is often seamless when an individual's eyes are aligned properly.

However, eye misalignment can cause the brain to struggle with interpreting the visual data it receives from the eyes, which triggers the trigeminal nerve in the brain and leads to eye strain, dizziness, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Most people with BVD experience further misalignment and discomfort when doing close range tasks.

What is Neurolens?

Neurolens is a cutting-edge technology that addresses the root cause of vision problems. These special lenses are made of prisms with a contoured front surface that corrects for eye misalignment and reduces strain on the visual system.

During a functional vision exam, your eye doctor will use advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate the alignment of your eyes and identify any signs of BVD. If BVD is detected, you may be prescribed Neurolenses to help.

Benefits of Neurolens

Reduced Headaches and Migraines
Neurolens technology allows the brain to easily interpret images by promoting eye alignment, which reduces the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines.

Improved Visual Acuity
In addition to providing precise alignment, Neurolenses are also tailored to your prescription, meaning you'll enjoy sharper and clearer vision, along with less eye strain.

Increased Comfort and Focus
BVD makes tasks such as reading, writing, and computer work difficult. With Neurolenses, you can significantly reduce eye strain and fatigue when doing close-range tasks, allowing you to have comfortable vision throughout the day.

Enhanced Balance and Coordination
Balance and coordination can be negatively impacted by BVD. By aligning the eyes and making it easier to focus, Neurolenses reduce dizziness and thus improve stability and coordination.

Find Comfort in Clearer Vision: Get Fitted with Neurolenses Today!

Book a neuro-optometric assessment with Glens Falls Vision Care in Queensbury.

MT: Life-Changing Technology: How Neurolens is Improving People's Lives
MD: With Neurolens, patients can experience more comfortable and efficient vision, resulting in improved daily tasks and productivity. Book a neuro-optometric assessment in Queensbury.