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MiBo ThermoFlo

Are you experiencing any of these Dry Eye Symptoms?

  • Stinging or burning eyes
  • Sandy or gritty feeling beneath your eyelids
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Fluctuating vision
  • Contact lens discomfort
  • Difficulty while reading or using electronic devices
  • Fatigue or Eye Strain

You could be one of the more than 30 million people suffering from chronic dry eye.

Now there is a quick and comfortable procedure offering relief

Ask us about MiBoFlo treatment

The MiBoThermoflo is a cost effective therapeutic medical device that offers you relief from the suffering of dry eye.

The MiBoThermoflo supplies continuous controlled heat that is applied to the outer skin of the eyelids along with ultrasound gel for a gentle massage.

The heat is absorbed deep into the tissue and breaks down the hardened lipids in the meibomian glands.

With a specific prescribed therapy regimen the ducts of the meibomian glands will secrete thinner and clearer lipids which will allow for a healthier tear film.

Benefits with treatment

  • Relaxing, No Pain, Therapeutic procedure
  • No Downtime with Immediate Relief and Lasting benefits
  • Wonderful for eye strain and there are no side effects

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mibo thermoflo